Interdisciplinary Collaborations at Berkeley and Beyond

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Joyce Kozloff, Spheres of Influence

The Center for Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry (CICI) fosters cross-divisional, cross-regional and global collaborations in order to address the key political, social, religious and cultural issues of our time­. We are committed to thinking creatively across an array of fields to develop a capacious vision of the arts and the human and social sciences, in relation to critical thought, justice and ethics.

Paul Klee, "Dream City"

Critical Theory Dissertation Awards Support Graduate Research in 2022–2023

The Program in Critical Theory will support four Designated Emphasis students’ dissertation projects. Kevin Stone and Saniya Taher will receive semester-long Critical Theory Dissertation Fellowships, while Phillip Campanile will receive a Critical Theory Completion Grant and Laila Riazi will receive a Critical Theory Research Grant.

Pictured here is the music archive of KALX. (UC Berkeley photo by Elena Zhukova)

Berkeley News Article | Defying negative stereotypes, humanities majors are booming at Berkeley

Students looking for the right major to become global citizens in today’s world are increasingly turning to the arts and humanities at Berkeley. Pictured here is the music archive of KALX. (UC Berkeley photo by Elena Zhukova)

Members of the hard-right Proud Boys organization raised a wooden cross outside of the state capitol in Lansing, Mich., 1/6/2021

BCSR Professors Featured in Berkeley News Article | Crisis of Faith: Christian Nationalism and the Threat to U.S. Democracy

Berkeley News is examining threats to American democracy in a new series drawing on the expertise of UC Berkeley scholars. Read contributions from BCSR Co-Director Carolyn Chen (Ethnic Studies), affiliate David Hollinger (History, emeritus), and Advisory Board member Ronit Stahl (History). (AP photo by Adam J. Dewey/NurPhoto)

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Future Events

Due to the UC Student Workers' Strike, all remaining fall events presented by the Program in Critical Theory and the Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion have been postponed.

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Colonial Destruction, Past and Present: Plunder, Waste, and Preservation